About Us

The Meat Science Technology Center is located in Athens, Ga about 1 hour east of Atlanta and just south of the Appalachian Mountains.  Our research focuses on improving the quality, yield, and shelf-life of red meat products.  Currently we are investigating the effects of locally available feedstuffs on beef, improving the quality and shelf-life of beef value cuts, and examining the effects of novel ingredients on whole-muscle, non-intact beef and beef trimmings.  For more information feel free to contact us or search through the Research and Pubs tabs above.

Current News

  • Recent Graduates

    Congratulations to Jamie Williams and Cameron Catrett who both successfully defended their thesis in Spring 2024! Jamie’s thesis centered on further processing of wooden breast meat to increase yield, tenderness, and value addition. Jamie currently for SealedAir Corp. Cameron’s thesis focused on the characteristics of ground beef from cattle fed a novel omega-3 supplement. Cameron’s…

  • Update and New Members of StelzLab

    So it has been quite a while since we have last updated our page, its no excuse, but it is because we have been very busy over the past several months adding new members to the lab group, finishing up research on some projects, and starting new projects to keep everyone busy. See below for…