The University of Georgia Meat Science Technology Center

The Meat Science and Technology Center (MSTC) located in the Animal and Dairy Science Department at The University of Georgia is a fully functional meat animal harvesting and processing facility that is federally (USDA) inspected (est. # 7421A) to ensure that all animals are treated with their welfare in mind and to ensure the wholesomeness of the meat products that are produced.

The main purpose of the MSTC is to facilitate teaching, research and outreach education in the areas of meat animal production, meat science and muscle biology.  The MSTC is an invaluable tool to help educate and train students and the public that have an interest in working in a field that feeds millions of people every day.  The ongoing work at the MSTC strives to serve the needs of the citizens of Georgia, the United States and the World.

The MSTC is managed by Mr. H. Ryan Crowe.  Every semester Mr. Crowe employs approximately 6 students that want to get a more in-depth understanding of the meat business.  Although the main purpose of the MSTC is to provide a facility for education, research and outreach, Mr. Crowe is able to sell the meat that is produced because it is inspected for wholesomeness by the USDA.  The weekly meat sales also provide an excellent environment for our students to learn about meat market merchandizing, food safety, and public relations.

All proceeds from the sale of meat products go directly back to the department of Animal and Dairy Sciences so that we can continue to provide a state of the art, hands-on education to our students.

For store hours and current inventory, visit the MSTC Store website: