The Stelzleni Lab headed to Oklahoma City, OK this past June for the annual American Meat Science Association Reciprocal Meats Conference. Dr. Stelzleni, four graduate students, and 8 undergraduates made the trip. It was a great trip overall, but some particular highlights are listed below:

Clint Lee (MS student and meat judging coach)

  • Placed in Top 10 out of 101 students in Processed Meat Judging
  • Started his term as President of the Student Board of Directors for AMSA
  • Started his term on the Intercollegiate Meat Coaches Committee – National Division Member Director

Cameron Catrett (MS 2024)

M. Junaid Nawaz (PhD student)

Jordan Proctor

Madi Welch (undergraduate, 2023 Meat Judging Team)

  • Started her term as East Region Director for the AMSA Student Board of Directors

The eight undergraduates that traveled all participated in the Iron Chef Contest, Processed Meat Judging, and Undergraduate Meat Science Quiz Bowl

  • Emma Grace McConnel (2024 Meat Judging Team)
  • Stephanie Youngblood (2024 Meat Judging Team)
  • Lily Norton (2023 Meat Judging Team, BS 2024)
  • Madi Welch (2023 Meat Judging Team) – Peoples Choice Dish Iron Chef Contest
  • Kloie Varnadoe – Chicken Division Winning Team Iron Chef Contest
  • Mattie Jane Mashburn
  • Robert “Hank” Dejarnette (BS 2024)
  • Annabelle Jermane (BS 2024) – Seafood Division Winning Team Iron Chef Contest
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