Mr. Jamie Williams

Jamie Williams was born and raised in Lawrenceville, GA. After graduating high school, Jamie attended the University of Georgia for undergrad originally having a focus in veterinary medicine but quickly changing to meat science after taking an introductory course and developing a passion for meat science and processing. During his undergraduate career, Jamie was employed at a local veterinarian’s office as veterinary assistant.

In August of 2020, Jamie began his MS program at the University of Georgia under Dr. Stelzleni, focusing on meat science. Jamie’s thesis project focused on the amelioration of textural defects caused by woody breast myopathy in poultry. Jamie focused on using multiple forms of common further processing methods to ameliorate the increased hardness and chewiness of woody breast meat. Textural attributes were measured using Texture Profile Analysis and Multiblade Shear Force analysis. After completing his research, Jamie was employed by FPL Food in Augusta, Georgia as an R&D Engineer and later R&D Manager. Currently, Jamie has moved up to North Carolina and is employed as an Applications Engineer in the shrink product line division at Sealed Air Corporation.